Work & Life Balance , generally speaking is understood as an allocation of specific time windows for our daily activity. Thus, how much time we spend at work, how much time is left for our time with family, and then the time we allocate for us, for our pleasure. That is any sport activities, club, entertainment etc.

Our view on this is slightly different. There is a clear coloration of the right work & life balance in people who have become much successful in their lives. There is a reason for this. Peace, harmony, time management,mind set,and approach to others.

We might constantly complain of lack of time, inability to communicate with their family, friends, their Boss at work, our partner`s inability to understand how we feel. The list can go on and on.
There is however, one important aspect of work & life balance. It is something that so easily is overlooked. It is our past.

Lets see, how many people we know, who is grumpy, who constantly complain of lack of time, who criticise others for even the smallest of things. Everyone of us has at some point met someone who blame other for their miss fortunes. We do not realise that we copy virtually everything in our adult life, from what has gone on in our childhood. We copy what our parents did, without thinking about this.

How often in our childhood did we hear, swear words,got smacked, or worse.How many people hold on to hatred and jealousy. How many people envy someone who has more than they? How many of us think of another as so… and … so. How often do we say something negative about our neighbour, or even a total stranger?

Envy, jealousy, hate, lack of forgiveness, are only some of the issues that influence our work & life balance.During our workshops on work & life balance, we bring to the attention of our participants the importance of taking care of the past. We talk about the methods which are designed to clear the past and work together toward the resolution of the blacks that stop people from having the right work & life balance.

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