Why we should learn Speed Reading & Mind Mapping?

On today`s working environment everyone must read far more than it was done ever before. The electronic age has brought us speed in the processing of information through the implementation of computers, the internet and the mobile telephony. Yet,it did not reduce the reading process.

We have audio books, that help us to learn and video messages that in many ways have substituted hand written notes and letters, but when it comes to documents and business reading, we have more, rather than less, to read, but hardly any time to spend on reading them.

Therefore the last twenty years have seen a big development in the methods of speed reading and accelerated learning in order to help professionals and academics to read quicker with full understanding. Speed Reading & Mind Mapping is a very helpful skill, providing we know what to do. In our research we found that there are many training courses on the Speed Reading & Mind Mapping, but hearing comments from people who have attended those, no real skills have been developed. Why? Well, most Speed Reading & Mind Mapping courses we found are one day courses. Looking at the description, the course cover mostly the theory, not practice.

In order to be able to Speed read, one must learn the practical skills, under a watchful eye of a teacher.Practice and be guided when making mistakes so that at the end of the course students will know exactly the level of skills they are at. Dolphin Seminars have entered into a working relation with a Tutor who has personally devised a 27 hour training course with a test at the end, a 200 page instruction booklet and guiding sticks, plus other tools to assist student to acquire the right skills.

This course is ideal for everyone who has to read piles of documents be it in paper or electronic form. That is Solicitors, Finance professionals, Lecturers, Students and individuals. Our live workshops start in September and last for three weeks. For those who are happy with working on their own, we also provide an electronic version of the course run by one of our other partners, however, live events are far more productive.

Dolphin Seminars website contains full information on all schemes available and the website address is: www.dolphinseminars.com

Mind Mapping is a very innovative and highly creative way to make easy notes that are best remembered and simple to find when needed.

There are many different forms of creating them. There are some very effective mind mapping electronic programmes, templates etc, however personally drawn map is the best as by drawing, we are memorizing much more than by filling in blank spaces.

Our courses and workshops help students to discover their most creative ways of making notes. It is also lots of fun to do those.

below is an example of mind map:



Author: Maria Kompanowski, Dolphin Seminars Ltd