The term “education” is greatly associated with school, university, college, and courses, thus not often do people realize that educating means much more to all of us than just the common meaning of this expression.

Everyone of us must learn, be inspired, and grow personally, professionally and spiritually. 

I can hear you saying “why?”. And I also know many others who do not say “Why?”. They simply say “No!”, “I don`t want to learn!” , ” I don`t need education!”. Have you heard similar expressions? Yes,  we do hear them often from those who are happy where they are, those who have no aspirations, no future plans, and no will power. Those who have given up on them selves for various reasons, and made a decision, to remain as they are, moaning about the fact that their relatives, friends, and colleagues are doing better. Sparking in them the feeling of resentment, jealousy and hate, in some cases.

We are all the same, have the same opportunities , but not all of us is able to take the advantages of this.

Here is a question for you. DO YOU KNOW – WHAT YOU HAVE ?

Do you know what opportunities you have right next to you?

If we are not willing to take action towards learning,if we are not looking for inspiration,are we going to grow?? The answer is certain. NO WAY!

Working with professionals, business owners, and individuals, has given us lots of comparison and it is quite clear that education,today, is a necessity. If we are looking to attain certain levels of prosperity, achievement and growth, we must learn. We have no choice but to educate our selves at every opportunity we get.

Educating does not mean, simply, going to school, college or university. Education, is life. It is every single moment of our day. We learn from other people, some more successful than others. We learn by integrating with other people, through networking, self education, reading books, articles, and in addition going to school, college, university, seminars, workshops, internet , You Tube and what ever you name it.

All said, is great. However, when looking at the value of our education, as well as relevance and importance of it. We need to chose. Each individual has different learning needs, and everyone of us takes the information in, at different levels and in a different way. Some of us will learn at different speeds. Therefore our intentions will always play a key part in the learning process. We all have a choice in life. It is up to us, whether we chose to learn and draw lessons from our activities and interests, or otherwise.

For example, learning correct business networking skills can enhance the return on investments by considerable sums of money. In fact, One of the largest business networking organisations in the UK, has created statistics to this effect claiming that their members gain as much as £10K extra turnover by simple attending one workshop or seminar organised by them in the space of six months. It has been proven time and time again that well trained workforce helps the company they work for, not only to increase profits, but extends the longevity of the business and make the leaderships and staff much happier within themselves which also leads to improved productivity.

In closing. Well skilled and educated people are much happier and far more productive at work, home and in business.

Author: Maria Kompanowski

Founder of Dolphin Seminars Ltd