Give your self a chance to get what you want in life. A big statement would say? Yes, I would agree it is. Oh, yes I hear you saying…..” I gave my self a chance but nothing came out of it!”. I know, I had this my self so many times that I lost the count. Today, I can say that, giving my self a chance and giving my self a chance is two completely different things. Why?

Because it is all up to how adjustable is our mindset, how we approach this within our mind and our heart. “You can achieve anything, if you set your mind to it”. One of my spiritual mentors kept saying. God! I was so angry at him, when he said this. Thinking, “but I know! How come it dosen`t work!? Why?” . Then I read in Napoleaon Hill`s Think And Grow Rich, that thought create what you want. But for me it did not work. I was asking my self this question all the time: What is that I do wrong? I could not understand this at all. Then I read more, studied more, learned more from my spiritual guide and finally I got it! uFFFFF!!! The answer to getting everything that I want is to :

Have Passion and love everything that you do, it has to be part of your life. You need to live it, breath it, and see it.

 of the end result. You must set your self goals. Short term, medium term, and long term. Think, what you would love to achieve in years time, five years and ten years. make your self a list, then build a detailed description of each of your goals, adding specified date of its accomplishment.  and place it in a place where you will be able to see it as often as possible. You might even wish to create w video of your vision board to be able to make even a bigger impact on achieving the dream.

“If you are bored with life,if you don`t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things –                                  you don`t have enough goals”. – Lou Holtz

Invest in self education. All successful people are investing their time in to personal development. Start attending seminars, webinars, read books, listen to cd`s. Surround your self with successful people and then build on it.

” If I am trough learning , I am through”. – John Wooden

Be grateful for all that you have, what ever happened allow yourself to be happy and appreciate everything that you have and what is around you. Take full responsibility for your self and everything that happened in your life.

– Be forgiving as not everyone is like you, allow your self to accept that people are individuals and not everyone will always be like you. Take each situation as a opportunity to learn and turn this to your own benefit. Anger, hate and jealousy will only delay your achievement.

Too often do we allow ourselves to get angry, to explode for no reason at all. Every time this happened, we are making a step back. Each and every positive that we derive from negative makes us to move forward. We then feel as we fly and have much more positive attitude and far better results at achieving what we strive to achieve.

Just recently we hear so much about the huge damage to the ethic and morality in business, especially in some important aspects of life such as the NHS, political parties, business and sport. This is exactly what we want to avoid in our lives. If we want to be successful, it must be due to our own efforts. Efforts that are absolutely crystal clear, honest and human. If we want to change something, we always, but always have to start with us. Therefore if we will only allow our selves to be ethical, honest and project absolute integrity, we will draw only that kind of personality to us.

The Divine has created abundance for everyone, we all have equal chances to obtain it. If we keep our integrity, ethics and by being our true self, we will always, but always attain what we strive for. But if we are doing all to achieve our dream by hurting others in what ever way that hurt is done, we will achieve the same what we gave.


Allow your self to be successful.