Looking to build a perfect and solid foundation for effective leadership? This workshop is designed to help you to become a better leader, understand the factors that can affect your decisions.

Qualities such as Honesty, integrity are known as the basis for leadership. Though it may seem that most people are very confident, it does not mean that they are great leaders. In all honesty, leadership is a step into unknown. A good and effective leader offers directions, and create conditions for others to achieve excellent results.

The content:

  1. Passion, Vision, Goals – In order to be a great leader, you must know the direction you want to follow, so others will know and follow.
  2. How to be great at self-management, team management and how to change management awareness.
  3. The keys to leadership success.
  4. Attitude and Gratitude.

Course materials and refreshments provided.

This course is run using Accelerated Learning Techniques, designed to help you remember more.

TIME: 5 PM – 9PM

Fees: £ 69.00 p person


Location: Holiday Inn Central Park, 888 Oldham Road, Manchester , M40 2BS