We All Have dreams, but do we know how to achieve them?

Sadly, many Entrepreneurs lack true clarity about what they want in the future. They have no vision of where their business will be in the next five years and have no idea how the business would look like in that time either, paying a heavy price for this predicament.

This workshop/course is designed to provide you with powerful tools and information to help you in this powerful process of thinking about the ideal future for you, motivating you to an action of turning your vision into reality. Goal setting is widely used by successful entrepreneurs and achievers in all walks of life and give you a long-term vision as well as motivation.In addition, it will help you to organise your time and resources to achieve maximum results.

You will learn:

How to create specific goals

How to measure achievement using simple tools

How to identify why “performance” rather than the “outcome” goals will give you more control.

How to create a big picture and identify large-scale goals

Times: 5 – 9 PM

Price: £ 79.00

Materials, Refreshments included


Location: Holiday Inn Hotel,Central Park, 888 Oldham Road, Manchester M40 2BS