What is your Brand? How important is to stand out of the crowd in today fast moving world?

We have all heard about how the personal “image” can add value to us as a person and to our business or career.

Anna Szubert is one of the few top European Experts on Personal Branding, we have the pleasure and honour to have Anna in Manchester on Sunday 17th April 2016.

What Anna do? here is a short list:

1. Will enable people to have a stronger/more visible brand.

2. Will put a person on the path to becoming the figure in your field.

3. Instill passion in people.

6. Will put you where you want to be.

7. You will be known by the people you want to know you.

8. Your business will be YOU.

9. You will be worth talking about.

Tickets: £25.00 per person

Venue: Holiday Inn Central park, 888 Oldham rd, Manchester M40 2BS